Fit 4 Business I (engl.)

An understanding of business management, strengthens the entrepreneurial potential

As a member of the Management Team or Executive Board you lead a company under competitive conditions. You develop strategies and orientate yourself on long-term goals and future success. You ensure sustainable business success in hot contested markets through efficient allocation of money and resources. During the seminar, we simulate "business and financial value chain processes" of a company acting on various markets with multiple products.


HAPTUS - derived from the word haptic (concerning the sense of touch) - is a board based business simulation and stands for learning business management through a multi-sensory experience. The philosophy of the HAPTUS. Business Simulation is to illustrate business management from an entrepreneurial point of view actively and easily remembered. Teaching, discussions, exercises, and teamwork ensure reflection and firm up the gains in the insight to business management to make sure it "sticks to the mind".


Target audience

Employees, specialists and (senior) managers from all areas who would like to get an overview of the basic structures of business management in an action-oriented, compact, exciting, and entertaining learning environment.


Ebenso als Firmentraining buchbar

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Ihr Ansprechpartner: Dr. Hans-Otto Bott

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